Fix your fear of numbers and let me help you take the foundational steps to achieve your vision of taking your HR analytics to the next level!

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Finally crack the code to stress-free HR analytics

Discover the simple steps to creating HR analytics reports that get read, have relevance, and add value to the organisation…so you get the recognition and career progress you deserve!!
You know you need to learn HR analytics, but the thought of trying to wrap your head around the numbers and technology is overwhelming.
What makes it worse is that you suspect your reports aren’t even appreciated or actioned, so it feels like little more than a tick box exercise.
Plus you’re so busy focusing on everyone else’s professional development that your own is always at the bottom of your to-do list.
What if I told you there’s a step-by-step pathway to mastering analytics and taking your HR reporting to the next level, even if you think you’re not a ‘natural’ with numbers.
And that when you understand how to write and present your reports to the relevant stakeholders in the RIGHT way, it helps your colleagues shine and in turn positions you as the go-to expert who the organisation couldn’t be without.
If you’re ready to boost your career, and you want to finally crack the code to HR analytics without the overwhelm, this free HR Bootcamp experience is exactly what you need.
Imagine what you’ll achieve in one week with my proven strategies and expert support!

We’ll focus on why HR analytics are powerful tools to have in your skill-set and how you can shift from frustration to cultivating a fearless data detective mindset, even if you think numbers aren’t your strength.

You can copy what everyone else is doing but all the strategies and tactics won’t work if you are not taking your analytics seriously.


I’ll guide you through common misconceptions and mistakes HR teams make with analytics.  As a HR professional, you can't afford to get lost in the wrong HR metrics.

You’ll learn 3 powerful strategies that will enable you to create your own HR reports that not only get read but will add incredible value that impacts the bottom line.


If you know me, you know that I am down to earth and straight talking. Whilst a lot of what I speak about is mindset, we’ll take a deep dive in strategy and specifically aligning your HR metrics to business goals and audience pain points.

What’s the point of creating monthly HR reports if no-one is taking action on them? Discover the framework I use to make sure your HR analytics get the right kind of attention.

Join me live and get your questions answered

According to a recent survey, 91% of HR professionals have a gap when it comes to H analytics. (1)

3 live workshops PLUS 2 coaching calls.

Bring your juiciest questions and get them answered.

Actionable insights

Gain valuable insights into what is working in 2021 and how to create highly relevant reports that ensure your Managers take action.

Got questions about the event?

What date does the Bootcamp start?

The event takes place in January 2022 and will take place for 1 week – you'll want to make sure you sign up today so you don't miss out on the action!  Dates will be announced soon.

How do I know the Bootcamp is for me?

This bootcamp is a great starting point if you want to learn more about HR analytics, challenge any misconceptions you may have about people analytics and learn my framework to create HR analytics that get read and result in action.

It’s not for you if you are not prepared to participate, take action and above all else be curious.

Why is it free? Are you trying to sell me something?

At the end of the Bootcamp, I’ll be giving you an opportunity to join my HR Analytics Foundation Programme, which is a paid offer.  BUT FIRST, I want you to get results from the free Bootcamp.

I want you to experience firsthand the big ah-ha moments and my proven strategies in the Bootcamp and be blown away with the value, so that, should you want to take the next step with me to continue your HR analytics mastery journey with my support, it’s an easy YES!

I won’t be talking about the Foundation Programme until after the Bootcamp and the free event will be focused on providing awesome value on the topics I’ve shared above.

When are the training sessions?

Once you're signed up you'll receive the full schedule.  The experience is running from Monday to Friday where we will be doing the work live together.

You will get access to the workshop and coaching call replays for a very short time.

If you show up live you will get more from the experience and it’s the best way to get your questions answered.

How much does the Bootcamp cost?

It’s an absolutely free coaching event. I want to bring together like-minded HR professionals who want to learn more about HR analytics and what a powerful skill this is, not only to significantly impact your organisation but also your career, enabling your credibility to go through the roof.

All I ask is that you turn up and be prepared to take action.

I am an absolute beginner and I have no knowledge of HR analytics, will I be overwhelmed?

This Bootcamp has been carefully developed over a number of months to ensure I take you step by step so that you can gain confidence and understand what HR analytics is, what it isn’t but most importantly to show you that it’s not too difficult to learn if you take a structured, just one more step approach.

Without data, you're just another person with an opinion. 

W Edwards Deming

I’ll be putting in 110% and I’d love you to do the same. Up for an adventure? I’ll see you there!
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